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San Diego Boxing Classes

San Diego Boxing Club:

The City of San Diego has many Boxing Clubs, so what makes American Boxing different? Simply put, our experience coupled with our environment sets us far apart! We provide classes and private training to sports enthusiasts, athletes and fitness gurus in a setting of less than 12 students. Our head instructor Dave Nielsen is a USA Boxing Coach, Certified CrossFit instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Fighter and has been a student of boxing for more than 25 years!

Our Boxing Classes put you through an hour of boxing technique, conditioning and top level training.

We promote working at your potential and always giving personal attention. Use the tools of the modern boxer to reach your fitness or competitive goals!

Our boxing classes in San Diego are designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Enhanced reflexes, speed, strength, body toning and agility are developed here. Have the body and mind of a boxer. For competition or fitness, these boxing classes can't be touched!

Boxing Classes will teach:

Beginners: Basic boxing Footwork, angles, slips, rolls and punching are incorporated in a fun yet challenging environment. Classes are designed to push each person individually to their fullest! Ideal for fitness seekers as well as the startup competitor. No direct contact required!

Intermediates: If amateur or professional competition is your goal or just the next level of fitness, we can get you there through superior conditioning, solid fundamentals and coaching experience. Incorporating advanced footwork drills, punch combinations, defense and stepping up the cardio intensity happens here! Some light contact required safety equipment available!

Advanced Boxers: Ring work & sparring require an ability and invitation which typically takes around 3 months to achieve. Whether your goals are for fitness or competition, our San Diego Boxing trainers are equipped with the experience to get you where you see yourself in a safe and effective environment! American Boxing san Diego is a USA Boxing facility.

Boxing Trainer

Dave Nielsen

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