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A San Diego Gym, MMA Training Center and Fitness Club in Pacific Beach California

American Boxing is a fitness club and mixed martial arts gym in Pacific Beach San Diego California. Our training center offers small personal classes as well as private instruction for all ages and all levels of men and women. Unlike other fitness clubs in San Diego, American Boxing caps it's classes at 12 participants per class, meaning you get top level instruction with the attention you deserve!

Classes and training in Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, CrossFit, Submission Grappling, Jiu Jitsu and MMA as well as Certified Personal Training are offered!

The following images are to provide you a clean and clear look at American Boxing's facility and it's equipment available.

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A 20' X 20' Pride Style Grappling/Boxing Ring
A 20’ MMA Training Cage Area
More than a dozen Punching Bags including
Heavy Bag, Thai Banana Bags, Speed Bag and an Uppercut Bag
Gloves, Muay Thai Pads, Focus Mitts, Shields, Medicine Balls and more...
Over 800 Square Feet of total grappling space
Over 600 Sq. Ft. of Boxing and Yoga Space
Full Rack of Free Weights and Plates
Smith Machine and Pully System
Squat Racks
Pull Up Bars
An Assortment of Core Strengthening, Stabilizing and Plyometric Equipment
Airdyne Bikes
Concept 2 Rowers
Stair Step Machines
a Hi Fi Sound System
and more!
The best way to decide if American Boxing is right for you is stop in and try a class or just watch us train!