1.Smallest Guaranteed Classes:

What do you think: Do you learn more in classes of 30 to 40 people or in CLASSES OF 10 to 15 PEOPLE? Would you prefer a 20,000 square foot gyms with great marketing, TV commercials and profit on the mind, or a family of health and fitness minded mixed martial artists?! We thought so...

Our Classes have LESS THAN 15 PEOPLE at PRIME-TIME HOURS!!! NOBODY in San Diego offers our semi-private environment with this high quality of training!

Get the Safety and Attention you Want, Need and Deserve while you learn!

2. Master Level Personal Trainers

Remember, great training results come from great trainers! We have more than 10 years of Personal Training Experience each, plus lifetimes of sport, fitness and nutritional study! You’ll learn our passion and knowledge of these things are second-to-none when we talk!

3. Champion Experience:

We are Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Champions, however at this point we have been teaching much longer than we fought. We have stayed evolving by working with the best fighters and teams in the World of MMA. Other gyms have popular fighters but with little to NO teaching experience or teachers with no fighting experience, while we have been dedicated instructors for nearly a decade and have fought for and been trained by the best instructors in the World of Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing! We are more concerned with your competition goals, not ours!

4. Fast, Convenient and Safe:

1 hour classes taught by Expert Instructors located 2 blocks off the I-5 Freeway between Clairemont and Pacific Beach. OPEN 7 Days a WEEK. You just show up…leave the rest to us!

5. Clean Environment:

Sounds like a given…well it’s not! Our routine disinfection of all surfaces and equipment ensures the cleanest possible environment!

6. Friendly Environment:

Our fitness members, instructors, students and fighters are all held to the same equal standards…NO BAD ATTITUDES! None are here and none are welcomed! We are all friends and family here.

7. Accountability:

Life can distract you from your goals. It’s hard to get back on track sometimes. We have your cell phone number and we use it! Whether a text or phone call, we keep in touch to make sure your mind is still focused on your goals!

8. Discounts Available:

We provide discounts to military, students, firefighters, police, school teachers and many companies around San Diego (call us and see if your company has an account with us). We even provide sponsorship opportunities to competitors!

9. Variety:

Aside from our excellent mix in instructors, we pride ourselves in always keeping our classes changing! Using the many training regimens we took from our travels and years of training experience, we keep things fresh and changing so it's fun and challenging for all!

10. We Love Kids:

Our Little Warriors Kids Program is a favorite at American Boxing. We are able to help children develop at any age and give them advantage in fitness, self defense and if desired, sport.

11. Professional Fight Management :

This gives you the athlete the potential to be on TV shows, compete in Cage or Ring Fighting and be Sponsored. As a professional management company, we are approached by producers, promoters and product lines constantly! You could be the next mixed martial arts star with our help! Contact mgmt@americanboxing.net for more details.

12. Member Support & Networking:

Being a family means we share experiences in training and sometimes even life. For example, we have an attorney, a Navy Seal and a Taco Bell employee who train here! So whether you need some advice with a speeding ticket, you want your boss “taken out” quietly or you want the hook up on a burrito, we are all here for each other! Just kidding…no free burritos!